Worship Arts


Worship is simply the way we live as a response to God’s love...
Our Vision

To create spaces where people can encounter God through music, art, and liturgy.

Our Goal

To be transformed during this worship, into Disciples of Jesus, learning to hear the Holy Spirit speak to us, learning to receive from and give to God, and to practice what it means to actually “BE” the church in a life-giving way, rather than simply “going” to church.
We Value

Intimacy and authenticity in our musical and artistic worship, but we also value accessibility so that our whole congregation can experience God’s presence together.  We like to sing songs “with” and “to” God, rather than just singing “about” God, however, we think all forms of expression that honor God are important. 
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First Fridays at Main St. Bistro

Each First Friday of the month, downtown Silverton hosts open shops and live music as a community, family friendly event. Join our worship team as we bring worship into our community, creating space for people to meet with God, 6:30pm-8:00pm at Main Street Bistro.

Vineyard Worship Podcast

The Ferment Podcast is Vineyard Worship's weekly podcast where host Adam Russell sits down with thought leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, and other innovators to have conversations about worship and spiritual transformation.

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