Think about it.  Is there any greater honor, privilege or stupendous wonder in life than the absolute fact that we can communicate with God, the Creator.  That HE wants to, He LONGS to, communicate with you and me, personally?  


  • Simply talking to God, letting our concerns and requests be made known to Him.
  • A time when we admit our need for God and our utter dependence on Him.
  • Not just an organized, planned prayer “moment” or time – but a conversation composed       of talking AND listening.
  • Is an ongoing conversations that can happen anytime, anywhere.
  • Not a means of trying to get from God what we want, but rather a means by which we          enable God to give us what He wants.


Receiving Prayer:

At the end of each service, there is a ministry time where appointed people are ready to pray for you.  If you need to, just ask someone “can you point me to someone who will pray for me?”
There are also comment cards in the church bulletin with space to write down prayer requests.  You can specify if you want a prayer request to be only shared with church leadership or the church body as a whole.  We also encourage people to write down testimonies of answered prayers!
Before each weekend service, people gather together at 5:30 for “Pre-Service Prayer”.  It is a wonderful time to prepare your heart before church begins and to corporately pray with other believers for the upcoming church service.  It is also an opportunity to receive prayer in a small group setting.  All are welcome to attend, including children.


Intercessory Prayer – What is it?

Intercessory prayer is prayer for others. An intercessor is one who takes the place of another or pleads another’s case. One study Bible defines intercession as “holy, believing, persevering prayer whereby someone pleads with God on behalf of another or others who desperately need God’s intervention.”
To learn more about intercession, praying for others – CLICK HERE
“Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other’s spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out.” – Ephesians 6:18 (the Message)
Also, on the THIRD Sunday Night of Every Month at 7pm
Drs. Eric and Senna North lead a Prayer Time in their office at 
530 Welch St, Silverton, OR 97381
For more information contact ERIC NORTH
To learn more about us, send prayer requests, volunteer in an area, or find ways
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