In 2015, EVVC worship leaders and musicians had been writing songs, songs to God, about God and for God.  Occasionally some of these were part of our worship music during our services.  Benson Short felt that we needed to capture these songs, as a moment of where we were at the time.  Truthfully, it was just before we moved to a new location, and our time, at what had been our home, was coming to an end.  It was an apt way to put an exclamation point on all that God had done with us and through us at the Oak Street Location.
In late March of 2016, the recording process began, first a rough recording so all our musicians could know the songs really well. Then began the real recording, a process 
a process that would take months.  And, all through it, our worship teams gave their time, patience and immense talent to what was originally supposed to be a minor project.
In late 2017, the project known as “inhouse” was finished.  Eventually simple videos were made for each song and they were uploaded to YouTube, just another way for people to listen to the songs.
It’s not what one necessarily thinks of in terms of a “worship album” – but they are songs from the heart and the gifts of some very wonderful people.
You can check out the songs
and videos on our