Baptisms in the Park! Saturday, August 19th


Being baptized means that you’ve decided to follow Jesus and are ready to declare that decision publicly. Baptism is an outward symbol of something much bigger than the actual act of baptism itself. It shows that we have identified with Christ’s death and resurrection into new life, a life where he is King.

The decision to be baptized, and even the physical act of baptism, implies that we are entering into a life-changing relationship with our Creator God through his son Jesus. We want to make sure that you understand this decision as fully as possible which is why we ask each person who wishes to be baptized to attend a baptism class.
We are also Baptized into a Community:  At EVVC Baptisms are a BIG deal that we celebrate as a family. Following a brief Saturday Night Service, we gather at Silver Creek, under the bridge in Coolidge-McClaine Park for a memorable outdoor Baptism Experience. 
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