Transforming lives
through Christ's love

A House Church Model 

What Can I Expect When I Visit?

What is EVVC All About?

EVVC Update Fall of 2021

All Church gatherings 1x a month on the 3rd Sunday Evening at 5pm Upstairs @ Main St. Bistro.

This Fall 9/26, 10/17, 11/21, 12/19


We will have Worship/Communion/Updates/Word should be around an hour long and then hangout afterwards.   **Come a little early and buy a coffee or dinner from the Bistro and bring it up with you, and/or get something following the gathering.**


In-between Weeks; House Church Gatherings 


Still Part of the Rhythm this Fall: 

Friday Morning Prayer Group 7am @ Main St. Bistro

Bible and Brew every 3rd Sat. Night

Christmas Tree Lighting Party @ Main St. Bistro Dec. 3rd

Re - Watch or listen to past teachings

Our Children's Ministry

Everybody Gets to Play

Living for the Kingdom 


We connect deeply with God, people, and creation through authentic relationship


We encourage abundant growth through engaging God's word, following Jesus' example, and partnering with the Holy Spirit.


We serve because God's love is alive and compels us to live generously with compassion, seeking justice and restoration.