Welcome to the Vineyard Youth Page (middle & high school)! On this page you’ll find info about our philosophy of ministry, regular events, upcoming special events, and ways for adults to get involved. At EVVC we base our youth ministry on 2 guiding ideas:
1. The youth are the Kingdom of God now, not just the Kingdom of the future.
2. “Everybody gets to play.” In other words, the youth need to learn to face challenges and grow in their lives based on Christ, and we give them an opportunity to express that in different ways by serving the community (our church family, city, and beyond).


Kevin Eubanks – Youth Leader


Middle School (Grades 6-8) in the “Youthcave”

Every other week the Middle Schoolers meet in the Youthcave after worship to hang out with friends, play games, and learn what the Christian life is about.



This is Younglife for Middle School. Every other week Middle Schoolers will come to EVVC and attend the worship. They can then remain in the service for the sermon or gather to ride together to Mark Twain School for Wyldlife. Parents can pick up the kids at Mark Twain at 8:30pm. More information is available about Wyldlife on the sign-in table in the Vinetime room, or by asking Kevin Eubanks.


Youth Breakfast

Benson Short’s house (605 Grant St, Silverton), 6:30-7:30am Wednesday mornings during the school year. Start the day with a yummy breakfast, prayer, short lesson, and friends.


Dairy Queen

Periodically the Middle School class will walk to Dairy Queen just down the street in Silverton. We will go to the Youthcave for a short lesson, then about 7:15 we’ll leave for DQ. Parents can pick up their kids at DQ, or they will walk back with the group about 20 minutes after service.
The dates for 2017 are: 5/27, 7/22, 9/23, 11/11. 
NOTE:  Any time our youth leave the church campus, they will need a permission form filled out by a parent. 


Anthem NW

Anthem NW is the bi-annual retreat for all the youth in the Vineyard Churches in the Northwest area.
Who:     Middle & High Schoolers
Where: Camp Casey (Wedbey Island in the                 Puget Sound near Seattle)
When:   6/26-6/28.
COST:    $159
For more camp information and online registration click HERE






EVVC Campout!

Another summertime tradition for EVVC with lots to do for youth!

Where:  Cascadia State Park

When:    7/20-23.

Cost:      $50/family or $12/person.


Get Involved!

Working with youth is a great way to stay young and be the grown up at the same time. Youth need safety and creative & mature mentors who are pursuing Christ. If you are interested in serving the youth in any capacity, call Kevin Eubanks at 503.551.8833 or email him at cakeubanks@hotmail.com. Enjoy the ride!


For more information about our ministry to TEENS,

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