1. Loving God

– We want to express our love to God through our words and deeds. We want to sing intimate, engaging, heart-felt songs of worship. No hype, just simple love songs to Jesus. And we want our thoughts and actions to honor him and be a reflection of our love for him.

2. Loving others

– We want to love others in genuine, life-giving relationships, to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

3. Worship

– We believe that worship is one of the main values of the Vineyard corporately and locally. This means that we will be intentional to spend time in worship through music and prayer.

4. Authentic faith

– We want to express our faith by living out what we believe every day of the week, not just on Sundays.

5. Cultural Relevance

– We don’t want people to have to enter a time warp to relate to our atmosphere, language, music, and teaching style.

6. Cooperating with the Holy Spirit

– We want to do the things that Jesus did in our daily lives through the power of the Holy Spirit: preach the gospel, heal the sick, and set people free from the clutches of the enemy. We don’t believe that these things are just for a small group of “spiritually elite” people, but rather that everyone gets to play!

7. Equipping and training

– We want our church to be a training ground where people are equipped to live productive, effective, God-centered lives and reach their God-given dreams. We want people to figure out what God made them for, and then help them to live that out.

8. Silence, solitude, and prayer

– We want to make room in our lives to hear God’s voice and spend time in communion with him.

9. Integrity

– We want to challenge one another to pursue integrity in every area of our lives.

10. Generosity

– We are committed to freely giving away everything that we have been freely given by God.

11. Serving the poor

– We value loving and serving the poor, oppressed, needy, and broken in our cities and beyond.

12. Mercy and compassion

– We want to have the same mercy and compassion toward others that Jesus has toward us.

13. Loving the whole church

– We want to love and bless all of Jesus’ church in our cities and around the world.

14. Children’s Ministry

– We don’t see our children’s ministry as a babysitting service. We want our children to grow up having a real, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. We want them to hear God’s word at a level that they understand. We want to challenge them to grow as disciples. And we want to do this all in a loving, nurturing, safe, and fun environment.

15. Environmental stewardship

– God gave us one world and he told us to take good care of it. We want to take that command seriously and be good stewards of His creation.
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