East Valley Vineyard is comprised of three primary leadership teams:

The Pastoral Staff
The Core 
The Board of Directors

Pastoral Staff

Our staff pastors serve as the official leadership of the church.  As in most churches, they oversee making the Mission and Vision actually happen and, oversee the weekend services.  Their purpose is to lead the church as the church grows spiritually, loves unconditionally and serves the community.
Benson and Joanie Short 
Co-Lead Pastors
Kevin Eubanks
Associate Pastor
The Core 
 The Core is a group of servant leadership that has two points of focus:
1) As leaders, stay spiritually and relationally connected
2) Plan, Envision, and Make decisions about the operation of the church.

Team Members:

Benson Short
Joanie Short
Kevin Eubanks
Christine Eubanks
Emily Ward
Stephen Ward
Tom Worthen
Marsha Worthen
Creighton Helmes
The Board of Directors
Most commonly referred to as “The Board” – this group of faithful, mature believers, is primarily focused on: financial issues, dealing with bylaws, and approving (or disapproving) large decisions – such as the recent  move to a larger facility. At present there are five board members; 3 men and 2 women from within the church. 
To learn more about us, send prayer requests, volunteer in an area, or find ways
to connect, please fee free to